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Kansas State Social Studies Conference
February 23, 2015
McPherson, Kansas

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Enroll now in the nation’s largest civic education project and the world’s largest national mock election – the National Student/Parent Mock Election.
Since 1980, over 50 million students have learned what it means to be an American by participating in the National Student/Parent Mock Election.  Our mission is to light a fire in the hearts of our young empowering them to preserve and protect government of the people, by the people, and for the people for generations to come. All teaching materials are on the web. Votes will be cast for members of Congress, governors, and on four national issues.
Questions? Contact Christine Hawes at 941-780-3046 or or Andre Torkelson at

Scholarships for first-time NCSS Annual Conference attendees
National Council for the Social Studies believes that high quality professional development is important to the professional growth of social studies teachers, and to the outcomes in the classrooms in which they teach. This is especially true for early career teachers. The NCSS First Timers' Scholarship Fund supports attendance by early career teachers who have never attended an NCSS Annual Conference, particularly those from diverse ethnic groups and/or who teach in high-poverty schools in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Ohio teacher uses technology to engage students in geography
Ohio social studies teacher Ryan Evart is using technology, such as Geographic Information Systems, to engage his students while they cover geography in class. During the GIS lesson, students worked in teams on a project in which they placed icons over buildings and viewed images of the locations while using Google Earth on their iPads. "We can drop ourselves in India or China, and that is nothing that we could think about doing five years ago," Evarts said.

NCSS webinar series -- Get Digital with Discovery Education and NCSS
Are you looking for more digital sources for your Social Studies class? If so, you may benefit from this webinar series being presented by Discovery Education's Dan Byerly, in conjunction with NCSS. In this three part series, we will focus on: Unlocking the C3 Framework with Digital Resources: What is Social Studies Inquiry in the Digital Age? Five Keys to Digital Social Studies: How can I use digital tools to enhance Social Studies instruction and develop strong thinkers, readers, and writers? Reflections from the Classroom: How are teachers across the country using digital resources in their classrooms?

History teacher develops civic course for N.J. high school
First-year African-American studies and U.S. history teacher Jerell Blakeley has helped create an elective course to encourage civic engagement among 10th- through 12th-graders in a Trenton, N.J., high school. Other districts have expressed interest in the class, which will cover local government and civic journalism. Political figures will be guest speakers, and the course will be taught by a fellow teacher.

Ind. high-school students interview local WWII veterans for film
After being asked by the Marshall County Historical Society Museum to create a film for visitors, Indiana high-school students are working on a documentary about more than 40 local World War II veterans' experiences, which they hope to complete by Christmas. "The kids really started getting the idea that this isn't about school anymore. This isn't about grades or assignments," said Jeff Corso, social studies facilitator. "They're making history."